Advanced PC Tweaker Software Review

Advanced PC Tweaker is a tool for analysis and maitainace with over 15 functions for the full support and encouragement performamce for your PC.
Is to improve on your PC system by repairing problems, very dry rushes, backup management and optimization system, it can also completely uninstall unwanted programs, deeply optimize system memory and protect the right information completely eliminate all traces of personal activities the Internet with our result-oriented technology.  
Additionally, for advanced PC Tweaker offers great after-sales service to enable sending the tribulations of informed experts.  
It is fully compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista. 
May improve with the help of advanced PC Tweaker you can easily power and efficiency of the system, customize Windows to personal preference, back up data from any system in the repair, restoration of windows for different times and solve various PC problems with a few clicks.

Increase performance: 

As we all know, Windows system keeps most attractive slower and slower over time. 
 PC Tweaker offers several useful progress on your computer from slowing down to stop. Registry Cleaner contains a total of 17 special category of registration for the scanning and detection.  
By selecting the desired category, the intelligent search engine to discover and know the problems that sense, the presentation from your PC to make unstable and is not sufficient and repair problems and increases PC performance.

Follow with Windows: 

Windows is a dynamic system that changes frequently, every time we use it, therefore, the defense of a regular system will be required. 
 Advanced PC Tweaker 1-click Tweak robot system can process parameter at a predetermined time.  
To keep the system under optimal conditions at any time you can run even the most demanding PC Tweaker can at Windows startup for detailed registry maintenance.

Disk Cleanup:  

Even the largest hard disks fill up someday if too much information stored in it. Advanced PC Tweaker allows you to analyze and clean unnecessary files from your running system 
to provide more space on your hard drive and allow applications to quickly and efficiently.

Customize Windows: 

This feature Advanced PC Tweaker is to help you customize Windows to personal favorites, to change the behavior of startup menu or taskbar. 
Advanced PC Tweaker also includes BHO (Internet Browser Helper Objects) and Public Services Director of IE Restore to ensure a better and healthier internet experience by blocking malicious plugins and restore Internet Explorer to sound states.


Advanced PC Tweaker is registry problems with a few clicks you can choose to repair items from the list by the engine, identified problems detected automatically. 
 In addition to the selection and deselection operations, you can exclude all elements of list Advanced PC Tweaker points where these and ignore to ignore the excluded entries in the research next time. 
To better protect your data when you run PC Tweaker advanced for the first time, you need a full backup of your registry files before registry problems, which always used to the record can be retrieved at a state remedy before .

Backup and recovery: 

PC Tweaker offers backup logging and management Advenced powerful backup recovery utility, including repairs and full backup, the ability to recover, restore, or delete backups and feature a new restore point, which will give more influence to the safety of your to guarantee system for registry repair.

System optimization: 

from 5 major utilities, including System Optimizer, Block ActiveX, Error Utilities, optimize save ActiveX, Memory mature enough to optimize your system to be implemented in the optimal condition provided

The Uninstaller: 

This utility provides a better built and easier for you to remove completely any unwanted application standard Windows Add / Remove Programs can not be removed.

Submit Problems: 

This module can be used to Goody submiting problems that can not be solved or unwanted programs can not be uninstalled successfully.

Windows System Compatible: 

Advanced PC Tweaker is fully compatible with all Windows systems based on key, including the latest Windows Vista, Windows XP / 2003 2000/98 and even Windows ME / 7.


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