How are you all?  

I think they are very good. I am writing you today to discuss your computer screen. I think this message of great benefit to you. 

TeamViewer is a large and screen sharing, file transfer application that can be used to facilitate cooperation between businesses, remote access to a second computer or for help in the diagnosis and treatment may be the problems of emergency computer home. In addition to the control free for non-business users have when exactly the tools they need to securely share screens, send files with minimal complications, control of access rights, and even trick the user. 

Options available while in the control group without any problems. You can maximize the billboard is visible to the other team and greater choice to use a toolbar in the middle of the window. A big X allows you to close the connection, while the button you can change the actions of who has control, disable remote control input, and set remotely. View menu options hidden, set the screen resolution for optimal speed and quality, and shows the control of multiple monitors. The new features that work as easily as the former includes VoIP conferencing and audio conferencing and integrated. These properties TeamViewer pushes a touch above the rest, because it works without having to reconfigure the firewall. 

When you register, you will receive an access code and password. The distribution of these you can use your computer to be controlled by the level on remote support, presentation, file transfer, or VPN. TeamViewer servers to remember that the computers are connected to the pre-shared computer is faster. TeamViewer is a Web-based version, however remote, that the connection to the house of the public computer. Installation is also impressive. Users can change administrator rights, you can choose to run at startup, and can choose whether to install the driver TeamViewer VPN secure screen sharing. TeamViewer enables screen sharing and file sharing as a fluid and unobtrusive, as it should and is a must-have removed to the user at home or office. 



Goodbye,  Allah Hafaj.


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