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I gonna to writte today review for Avast antivirus,

The end result:
To bring the new interface of the previous version to this essential security interests in a strong visual association with its competitors, Avast looks to the future improvements in version 6 of the nervous system.Review: Avast taken an important step in its latest update. Version 5 provides the basis for the continuation of the current security situation, popular, free with a new line, a distinctive style in the late 90's jukebox left for a more refined look. Easier to navigate, but it's easier to add new skin texture. Make no mistake Avast adds 6 has large and small. Some, previously accessible only to improve the user now free to pay for all versions and new features were like a dream to experience at the interface. If you are familiar with Avast 5, the upgrade to 6 Avast is not that big of a fly.


The installation of Avast is a simple process that was free in about against rivals such as AVG.  
But - like its competitors - is much slower than the installation of the bend as the Micro, Kaspersky and Norton paid. Some further comments will come later in the presentation in the analysis: year to avoid the new Windows 7 and Vista desktop gadget or the new Weber browser add-on, you must want the custom installation and uncheck the option it here. normal installation like this is frowned upon.

Even if Avast is a clear source to uninstall it. 
 It's not as easy as a checkbox that the ownership of the installation of a window because she is going through the menu to order must be, what kind of automatic installation of the underground. 
 On the positive side, the installation of Avast not necessary to reboot the system, and do not recognize their removal tool bits and pieces in the register or on the desktop. 
 Avast says that the installer all three versions reduce by 20 percent, but still a large download in the region of 57MB free for the version.InterfaceAvast interface is nearly identical to the previous version 6 Perhaps the biggest change, apart from a slight to light gray color scheme is to remove the Windows Explorer-style forward and back buttons. 
We have really liked them, and that makes it easy to return to the previous window, no matter how deeply to explore in the configuration. 
The only change is the addition of additional protection sheet on the left navigation bar, the new exhibition WebRep AutoSandbox wheel arches. 
 For new users of Avast, the GUI is a brilliant change that occurred late 2009th The proposal orange and gray are also shown on the screen and the navigation at the bottom of the left, it is easy to follow the map between the functions.  
Presented with the familiar colors of green and red for dangerous security Summary tab gives an update on the sign of the state, automatic updates of virus definitions, the program version and when the silence / is the gameplay.  
It is so inconspicuous that announces calls for the promotion of Avast Internet Security 6 The Summary tab a submenu, contains statistics. 
 If you are curious to see how Avast shields were threats against the drama, this is where you can your math geek. GroupShield for each, the number of files scanned and when and presents data in a graph of the letter.


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