Retouch Pilot Image Editing Software Review 2011

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Retouch Pilot is a program for image processing with low cost with which users can remove scratches, stains and other defects in their pictures. Although this program meet the needs of casual users need more advanced users will probably want something stronger. The program interface is simple but intuitive, with most of its major functions, organized in a toolbox on the sides. As the program uses the available working space is not always optimal, especially when working with vertical images, but it's not a big disadvantage. If the program is open, users can access a series of short tutorials that explain each of the functions of the program. Help file, while not uncommon in its formulation, is generally well written. Program features include basic editing functions such as scratches, rubber seal, and connected loads. We particularly liked how the program allows a user to your changes in real-time preview before they join them. We found the program's tools to optimize the color is missing, even if users adjust the brightness and contrast, hue and saturation are missing. In general, the program is a good choice for lightweight image correction, but the user can be quickly overcome the growing needs of the photo manipulation. Retouch Pilot is free to try, but the user can store the images in any format, with the exception of the proprietary format of TPI. The program installs and uninstalls easily. The program is recommended for all users with the essential requirements for image processing.

Do not think of how to use? Very simple. There is a video tutorial immediately.

Download this software click here ( only 3 mb)


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